Customizable donburi standard w/ white rice, garnished with sesame seeds & pickles. Choose meat/protein and sauce. Add veg? 

**Add fried egg +1.79

**Substitute rice with kansui noodles +1.89

** Fried egg ONLY served sunny side up

** "V" = vegetarian NOT vegan

** "kansui" noodles = Chewy, bouncy, egg noodles

** "GF" = Gluten free

CUSTOMIZABLE DONBURI (rice bowls - more coming soon)

Add veg (blanched bok choy) + .79. Substitute noodles  +1.89. Add Fried Egg +1.79

D1. ​Chicken-don (GF): Grilled roasted chicken with choice of sauce - 8.99

D2. Crispy Chicken (GF): Marinated and fried crispy - 9.99

D3. Chicken katsu: Panko breaded chicken breast tender. Choice of sauce - 9.49

D4. Pork katsu: Panko breaded pork loin. Choice of sauce - 9.49

D5. Pork Belly (GF): Seared salt pepper pork belly. Choice of sauce - 11.49

D6. Shrimp (GF): Jumbo grilled lemon pepper shrimp. Choice of sauce - 11.99

D7. Crispy tofu (V, GF): Fried tofu cutlet. Choice of sauce - 9.29


Shop Sauce (GF): Mild, sweet, tangy, rich gochujang-mayo sauce

Chicago Lee (V): Savory-sweet, med spicy glaze

Bangkok/"BK" (V): Spicy-sweet soy tamarind sauce

BK-Shop: Mix of BK and Shop sauce

BullDog (V): "Japanese Worcestershire". Classic tonkatsu sauce. Add wasabi-mayo-mustard OTS + .25


Add fried egg (+1.79 sunny side up ONLY)

S1. Chop Chop dan-dan: Dry style noodles w/ minced meat + Shop Sauce, crushed peanuts, scallions, soy sauce, Sichuan chili oil, chili vinegar, and blanched bok choy - 9.99

S2. BK Hot Noodle: Hot noodles w/ BK Sauce, Sichuan Beef, egg threads and cucumber - 10.99

S3. Sichuan Beef: Sliced chilled beef tossed in ginger-soy, Sichuan chili oil, fresh ginger and scallion, crushed peanut, bok choy, and pickles. Served on white rice - 10.49

S4. Katsu-don: Pork katsu simmered with dashi, egg, onions, and scallions over white rice - 10.99

S5. Mrs Miyagi: Minced meat (mixed bf + prk + chx) topped with chopped pork katsu and scallions + wasabi-mayo-mustard, cukes, egg threads, Japanese crunchy pickles (kyurizuke) on white rice - 10.99

S6. Chanko-don: Shop Sauce chix, spicy beef(Spicy), Salt&pepper pork belly 1pc, bok choy & pickles on white rice - 13.99

Hand Food/Sandos (more coming soon)

Smalls and Sides

H1. Crispy Nuggets: Crispy Chix nuggets + Choice of Sauce, scallions - 9.99. Add platter fries - 2.5

H2. French Fries: Large order of French fries + Shop Sauce - 3.99

M1. Gomae bok choy (V): Bok choy drizzled with black sesame sauce - 1.99

M2. Carrot threads (V, GF): Viet style pickled carrots - 1.39

M3. Cucumber-wakame salad (V): Japanese pickled cucumber and seaweed salad - 1.49

M4. Kyuri pickles: Crunchy Japanese pickles (tsukemono)- 1.59

M5. Spicy Beef Tendon: Braissed, chilled, sliced and tossed with Sichuan chilli oil - 1.79

M6. Side of rice: Steamed white rice. (Add Furikake + .59) - 2.49 / 3.08

M7. Side of noodles: Portion of kansui noodles - 3.59

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